Car 1: Brice Sokolowski's clean 63 Catalina 4 Door

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Owner's Name Brice Sokolowski
Owner's e-mail
Model Catalina 4 Door
Exterior Color White
Options Original Super Deluxe AM radio
Engine 389 Cubic Inch
283 horsepower @ 4,400RPM; 418 f-p of of torque @ 2,800 RPM
Transmission Hydra-matic 3 speed
Your Favorite Shot Clean 63 Catalina  Oct 2004
Side Picture here    Oct 2004  
Rear End Picture here brice3.jpg (54946 bytes)  Oct 2004
Interrior Picture here     
Engine Picture here Dec 2004

Owner's Comments

Here is an update for my car. October 2004

This past winter I took out the Hydromatic Transmission and replaced it with a Turbo 400. In doing so, I had to machine a face plate between the block and tranny so I could install the starter. The old Hydro held the starter while the Turbo relies on the block to do so. My 389 doesn't have the bolt holes, so I had to come up my own solution. As well, I replaced the Rochester 2 barrel with a Carter AFB. The cruise now is amazing.

My name is Brice Sokolowski. This is my 1963 Pontiac Catalina. It was originally purchased at R.O. Evans - Pontiac, Garland, TX. I live in Plano, TX. The car has been owned and garaged by 3 owners within 15 miles of Garland since purchased new. I am the 4th owner. Car is all originally except for the new exhaust system with Flowmaster and the tach inside. Original paint job that I restored by using a polishing compound. Before I owned the car, it was covered in rust spots and leaf stains. The power plant is a Pontiac "small block" 389 cubic inch engine: the basic Pontiac V8 from 1955 to 1970. 2 barrel Rochester carburetor: 283 horsepower @ 4,400RPM; 418 f-p of of torque @ 2,800 RPM. The transmission is a Hydra-matic 3 speed Original Super Deluxe AM radio. American classic "drive-in movie" 4-door sedan. 4,100 pounds of Pontiac EXCITEMENT! The license plate respectively reads: "63 CAT"

UPDATED! I just wanted to send you a couple new pictures of my car. More are to come of the engine because I am working on it. I think your site is really great, and thank you for posting my Pontiac.


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