Car 16: Chris Murrell's 1963 Bonneville Convertible

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Owner's Name Chris Murrell
Owner's City Troy
Owner's State / Province Michigan
Owner's e-mail
Model 1963 Pontiac Bonneville convertible
Serial Number 863P210565
Exterior Color gold
Interior Color olive
Options p/s, p/b, p/top, am radio
Engine 389 w/4 barrel carb 303 hp
Transmission Hydramatic 3 speed automatic
Passenger Side Picture here front.jpg (183642 bytes)
Rear End Picture here rear.jpg (135894 bytes)
Interior Picture here interior.jpg (171209 bytes)

Owner's Comments

The car was assembled on 5/22/63 and shipped from the factory to it's first owner in West Virginia. The second owner lived in Tennessee and relocated to Michigan where he did a large portion of the restoration through the 1980's and '90's. This was inclusive of paint, new top, new seats and carpet, found an original radio, the radiator was redone and I know the frame was welded. As he recently passed away, the car was sold to me through a broker. I've had to do very little to the car other than minor maintenance as the car seems to have been sitting for a few years. With 147,000 miles, the car is very roadworthy and handles and runs great (other than a overheating problem I hope to have corrected with a 160 degree thermostat and fresh coolant). I've been able to secure manuals for this model on the internet and would be happy to share this information if anyone is in need of it (via fax, email, etc.). I've also been able to find promotional items such as advertisements and sales brochures on ebay. I've noticed stuff for many different models there. Feel free to contact me at my email address.


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