Car 49: B Kurzen's 1963 2 Door Sport Coupe

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Owner's Name B Kurzen 
Owner's e-mail 
Model 1963 2 Door Sport Coupe 
Exterior Color White 
Interior Color Black 
Engine 389 
Transmission automatic 
Wheels Mickey Thompson raider front rims with Chrome reverse rear covers 
Drivers Side Picture here  
Passenger Side Picture here  
Wheel Picture here  
Interrior Picture here  

Owner's Comments

Hello and hope your having a great day. I'm looking to get my 63' on your website if you get a chance. Your site I found while pulling a 90 day stent over in Kuwait with the Air Force Reserve. Sand ,sand and more sand. At any rate I'm also gaining some good input from the forums about restoring my 63'. Its a great site and hopefully it will become more popular soon.

My 63 specs are- 2 Door Sport Coupe, original 48,000 miles 389c.i.d., automatic trans,Black interior,Mickey Thompson raider front rims with Chrome reverse rear covers. The car is basically stock but is going through a restoration now. It has been in my family since 64'. My G-pa collected Pontiacs up in the Jersey area and left this one for me because it was my favorite. Can't wait to get it on the road again.

I'll attach some pics for the Gallery. Thanks again for your help. 


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