Car 6: Graham Robins Sr's 63 Parisienne 2 Door Race Car

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Owner's Name Graham Robins
Owner's City White Rock
Owner's State / Province British Columbia
Owner's e-mail
Owner's Website
Model Parisienne 2 Door Hardtop
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Aqua - Vinyl
Engine 355 C.I.
Transmission Worked 350 with a 5,000 RPM stall speed
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This car is being painted
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Owner's Comments

When I purchased it, it had a 350 cu in smog motor with the 6 cylinder powerglide.  First race on May 17, 1997 the ET was 17.273 - 72.12 MPH.  The car weighed 3,855# with me in it  By October 1998 with the addition of a slightly worked turbo 350 with a 2,500 RPM stall speed, new Edelbrock carburetor,  MSD  ignition, 456 gears, and headers and some tweaking we got the car  down to 13.87 95.56 MPH.   It then weighed 3370# with me in it.  It now is a drag car with a full rectangular tube frame, chassis works ford 9" rear end, with a 355 cu in cement filled block.  The  transmission is a worked 350 with a 5,000 RPM stall speed.  Best ET so far 11.16 - 118.69 MPH.  It weighs 3240#.. I have not raced it yet this year but over the winter, we removed the stock front bumper and brackets and added a carbon fiber one with aluminum brackets.  As well, I removed all the glass, front, rear, sides and vents and replaced them with lexan.  At the same time I removed all the window regulators and vent window frames.  I added a bit of weight with the addition of a 2nd battery in the rear.  As well I am having a little upholstery work done that may add a few pounds.  I changed the interior to aqua and had an excellent aqua bench seat from another car.  It is possible the car now may weigh around 3,100# with me in it.

Added Aug 24, 2000 - ...I guess the extra battery installation and the interior weighed more than I thought. The car still weighs 3.240# with me in it. The good news is that by tinkering with the jets, with the help of my friend Mike 500 miles away, I improved my best ET to 11.054 and my miles per hour to 119.35..

Added September 22, 2000 again, thanks to some long distance tuning from my long time friend Mike, our best time is now 10.902 - 121.40 MPH. We had removed the bottom headlights and vented 5" tubing into the engine department but had not connected those vents directly to the carburetor. We had installed an original SD hood scoop and figured since it was so small it may not be doing much. At the same time we felt with the scoop and the venting to the engine compartment, we were making lots of fresh air "available". There was not much clearance between the top of the carburetor and the hood, or at least where the hood metal was before we installed the scoop so we had to fashion a dual snout air cleaner (minus filer), with a drop down base and hooked up 5" tubing to the air cleaner. At the same time, we raised the back of the hood, hoping to let some of the hot engine compartment air escape. Those minor changes took us from 11.053 - 118.32 down to 10.902 - 121.40. Please keep in mind, mine is a Canadian Pontiac and they have Chevrolet motors, but thumbing through some magazines with pictures of the 63s' it is quite apparent the racers of those days were experimenting with all sorts of ways to get more fresh air to their engines.


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