Car 71: Lincoln Isedale, Parisienne 4 door

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Owner's Name  Lincoln Isedale
Owner's City  Sydney, NSW
Owner's State / Province  Australia
Owner's e-mail
Exterior Color  Blue
Interior Color  
Engine  283ci chev
Transmission  2 speed powerglide.. stock
Wheels  with dual xzorst
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Rear End Picture here  
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Owner's Comments

hey, so here's my Pontiac. Aust. car, so its pretty much a chev with a different exterior, chevy 283 2 speed etc.

Bought this car exactly how it is now... cept lowered it 3inches, put some drag ways on it to make it look extra tough. Also, took off the side mirrors that were half way up the bonnet and were just in no mans land and ruined the long look of the great looking car.

I got plans for bags soonish, depends if the motor holds up... if then i would be lookin at a 327 or 350 transplant. Even further down the track.. 20x10min to 24x17max sized rims up under the back guards.


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