Car 72: Ronnie Missildine

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Owner's Name   Ronnie Missildine
Owner's City Dalton
Owner's State / Province GA, USA
Owner's e-mail
Exterior Color  Starlight Black
Interior Color Red cloth & Vinyl bench seats, red carpet
Model 63 Catalina 2 dr. HT
Engine  Factory 389 Tri-Power
Transmission  Factory B/W T-10
Wheels 14" steel w/Factory Deluxe Covers
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Front End Picture here
Rear End Picture here
Passenger Side Picture here
Prior to Restoration

Owner's Comments

I owned a car just like this from 1964-1965. I had to sell it to get married... I couldn't afford the car and a wife! I have never regretted getting married, but had always regretted having to get rid of the car. It was a beauty!

In about 1984, I decided I'd like to have the car back. After an intensive search for the VIN of my original car, I found it deep in the archives of the Alabama State Motor Vehicle microfilm. I then tried to see if the car was registered anywhere. I could not find it, so I began looking for one to take it's place. I could find lots of automatic transmission cars, but th factory 4-speed cars are pretty rare (unless you look on

After 5 yrs of searching, I finally found a white 4-speed 4-barrell carb two door HT car for sale in Easley, SC. I sent for pictures, and as you can see, it was in pretty rough shape. Because of my job situation, I wasn't able to do too much to it for a number of years. But after moving to my present home, my wife of 40 yrs, who I sold the car to marry, told me to do whatever I had to to get the car finished. She wanted to ride in it!

I had a 30' X 30' shop built, and began to tear the car apart and work on it. It took me about 3 years to complete it. But it was a grat experience. I did most of the work myself (except for painting & interior upholstering). I did not put the car back to IT'S original state. Rather, I put it back just like the car I had orginally in '64 - '65. I changed from the AFB 4-barrell to the Tri-Power. I changed the color from white to Starlight Black. I kept the interior the same, and I added a factory tachometer. I know this makes it not be a perfect "numbers matching" car, but hey, what the heck! I wanted to put it like I wanted it... like my original car. And unless I get hungry and HAVE to sell it, I plan to keep it until I die... then my wife or kids can do something with it.

My wife and I are having a great time riding in it, and reminiscing about when we were dating in one just like it. And every time I show it in any local or nearby "Cruise-Ins" or any shows, it is a center-piece for all the old gear-heads, because it's so rare in the part of the US.


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